Mobile Poker Security

Play with us, and you’re in for an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience that simply can’t be beat.  We offer top-notch features, non-stop thrills, air-tight security and personal protection every step of the way. It’s safe to say that you’re in for a wild ride. 

Ignition Casino’s online poker security uses the most trustworthy encryption methods employed by most online banking systems. We pride ourselves on abiding by the highest privacy and protection standards internally, in all transactions, and in our poker software.

Download our poker software or play directly on our website with a guarantee that your personal information, account and transaction history are safe, secure and protected at all times. Check out our privacy policy.


Our Pledge of Fair Play
Ignition Casino operates using sound gambling practices that follow certified fair play procedures. There’s no other way to run a business built on a solid reputation and customer satisfaction the way an online poker site is.

  • Ignition Casino’s poker room does not profit from players’ wins or losses. Revenue is generated by a rake, which is the percentage taken from the pot. Exact percentages can be found by reading more about our rake.
  • Collusion is forbidden in Ignition Casino’s poker room. It is also prohibited for two or more players to share information related to their hands during the course of a game. Should a player be identified as being in collusion with another, Ignition Casino will take immediate and appropriate action.
  • Ignition Casino’s poker software uses cutting-edge random shuffling technology that combines algorithms and random number generators to create consistently unpredictable card distribution, making it impossible for a player to predict the card outcome. 


For more information on how our poker room works, read up on our Terms of Use.