For those who like to play casino games online, there’s no one-size-fits all in the casino gaming industry. Fortunately, Ignition Casino has the best online casino games for everyone because they’re designed to appeal to a number of different personality types. With over 200 games to choose from, we have enough variety to be able to offer a unique experience to each of our casino players. We firmly believe that there is a casino game for everyone, and that playing a game that aligns with your personality is far more exciting than playing generic casino games that aren’t suited to your unique taste.

To help you narrow down the casino online game selection, we’ve highlighted eight popular games that appeal to certain personality types and what online games they like to play for real money. Fans of horror flicks, race cars, football, fantasy, Nintendo (and more) will appreciate the online casino suggestions that we’ve provided here. There are many more casino play options in our casino than these eight casino games, but this is a good first step to help your hunt for the perfect casino game. Once you know which game is best suited to your play style, you further get to enhance your gaming experience by consulting with our online table games and slots strategy guide.

Zombie FC 

The fascination with the undead is as strong as ever, so for all those zombie-loving online casino slots players, we have Zombie FC, which is our fourth zombie-themed slot game. Unlike our other zombie online slots, Zombie FC combines the undead with European football clubs for a unique twist in an apocalyptic setting. 

In Zombie FC, you’ll get to enjoy a wide range of blood-curdling bonus features, including expanding wilds, stacked wilds, free spins with multipliers, and tumbling reels, and it’s all packaged in a 243-ways-pay slot format. The non-traditional format means that players don’t have to worry about online paylines; simply land matching icons on adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost reel and moving towards the right, and you have a real money win. 

Fast and Sexy

Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise get pumped up about Fast & Sexy—an online 5-reel, 20-line slot that provides slot players with a wild (and potentially lucrative) ride on a street racer. This online casino slot game’s five reels are screeching tires that spin with every round when you play for real money. 

Your race crew comprises seven babes who know how to work an engine and are bent on preparing slots players for the ultimate street race. Spin the reels, and slots players could end up competing in Monaco, Vegas, Tokyo, Havana or Sydney. You get to choose between three different supercars three times, and each car has the potential to multiply your stake by varying amounts. The most you can multiply your bet by is 300X, so choose wisely.  


Anyone who prefers their martinis shaken, not stirred, will appreciate playing Baccarat online at our casino for real money. We may not have the Chemin de Fer version that James Bond played in the famous casino scene in Dr. No, but we do have Punto Banco, which is much more straightforward than its French counterpart games. 

To play this online casino game, simply bet on the Banker or Player to win with the higher score; alternatively, you can bet on both of them to tie. Then watch the action unfold through the Dealer; both sides start with two-card hands, and a third card is sometimes dealt, depending on the initial scores. The Banker is more likely to win, but charges a 5% commission on payouts. The Player pays even money.

Gridiron Glory

American football reigns supreme in Gridiron Glory, capturing the attention of NFL fans across the country with one of our cooler online casino slot games to play for real money. Feel the stadium come alive to cheer you on as you nail a last-second hail Mary to win the casino slots game and take home the trophy. 

Like Zombie FC, Gridiron Glory boosts wins with a 243-ways-pay format, so you’re not limited by rigid online paylines like other slot games. Stacked wilds and a “wild event” are also there to help you win your home (slots) game, as the latter causes certain reels go completely wild. There are also scatters with real money cash payouts and free spins boosted by a progressive multiplier. It’s all or nothing on the gridiron; win and bask in the glory at this online slots when you play for real money.  

Reign Of Gnomes

Fantasy fans, including fans of Game of Thrones, flock to Reign of Gnomes for its epic storytelling in a world where gnomes occupy the throne of a castle. As you spin the reels of this casino slots, the characters, who are depicted in 3D animations, burst to life, adding twists to the game’s plot. Watch the king swing the queen around in a display of marital bliss, and the warrior swing his sword left and right to intimidate his enemies. 

There’s no better free spins session than what’s offered in Reign of Gnomes. To trigger free spins, you must land at least three Dragon Egg symbols anywhere on the slot reels, and you’ll get 5, 10 or 20. Before every free spin, you get to spin the Golden Amulet wheel for a boost in rewards that enhances your free spin. Play this and other enchanting games at Ignition for real money. 

Gold Rush Gus

Gold Rush Gus casino slot game feels more like a Mario Brothers Nintendo game than a traditional slot machine, making it one of the most fun online casino slots games at Ignition to play for real money. The 3D animations and interactive main character have proven to be entertaining enough to draw the attention of slots gamers coast to coast who are interested in mixing in payouts with their online slots gaming sessions.  

The game begins with an introduction to Gus, who trots through a gold mine, uncovering precious stones (game icons) as he plunges his pick axe into the ore. Get two keys on the first and third reels, and a mole will pop up from the earth bearing a large treasure chest. Out of the chest, you’ll receive one of four potential prizes: special gems (red or green) that contribute to your progress to get a mini jackpot, a skill-testing bonus game, an instant cash win, or a global progressive jackpot for real money. 


There’s no denying that the liveliest casino table in a brick-and-mortar casino is always the Craps table. Since most casino players make the same bet (the Pass Line), they all win and lose together, cheering on the dice shooter in the process. People who enjoy the social aspect of gambling generally congregate at the Craps table.  

When you play Craps online, there’s no social pressure to bet with the crowd. Conversely, when you bet the Don’t Pass Line, you have a lower casino house edge. Learn more about the optimal way to play Craps with our online table games strategy guide. 


If you’re looking to play the best online casino games for real money, and a low house edge is part of that prerogative, Blackjack games will appeal to you. An appreciation for play strategy is what connects all Blackjack players in both live and online casino settings. Keen to gain a play edge during games, Blackjack aficionados study the best moves to make when facing off with the Dealer, and employ basic strategy to chip away at the house edge. 

In our casino, we have nine Blackjack games, including Single Deck, Double Deck and standard Blackjack, but out of these three options, only the Double Deck version has the Dealer stand on soft 17, which is something Blackjack players look for. If you have a methodical approach to casino gaming, you’ll find like-minded people gathered to play the Blackjack table games for real money.